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Challenge yourself and complete ALL of the 7 MCT trail loops!

Each LOOP you complete, come in to Bike Surgeon and SPIN the Wheel of Mystery for a chance at several AWESOME prizes from Bike Surgeon and Gears Bar and Cafe! Please document your rides electronically.

Bonus option(s) fine print: If you start from the shop and complete the loop you get an extra spin on the wheel for that loop! Do all 7 loops from the shop over the course of the year and you get a custom Lucky 7 T-shirt at the end of the season! Do all 7 Loops IN ONE DAY from the shop and get a Custom Lucky 7 Challenge Jersey at the end of the season!

The winning ticket will be drawn in January 2025 and the winner will receive a Lucky 7 Custom Jersey!

For information on the MCT trail loops click here.

Visit the Bike Surgeon Cycling Facebook page here for all the discussions on this challenge.