Bike Surgeon has the knowledge, skills and equipment to ensure you become one with your bike and enjoy the ride to its fullest. Using a medically based fit protocol developed by Dr. Andy Pruitt and Bike Ergonomist Roger Minkow.  Our recently finished Retül Fit Technology Suite allows for full 3D motion tracking, capture and mapping of all fit landmarks on both the rider and the bike.  Our Certified Fit Technicians have the education, experience and tools to ensure you the most efficient, most powerful and most importantly comfortable bike fit avaialble.

Whether you are crushing the competition at the local crit, getting ready for your first century,  competing in your 15th IronMan or just enjoying a weekend ride, we can ensure you are comfortable and efficient for the entire ride.  Our system allows the rider to “become one” with their bike, delivering the most comprehensive, rider-centric bike Fit within the cycling industry. Contact us to schedule your Fit today and read below to understand the options available as you go through the fit process.

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Retül 3D Fit, $299.95
-Pre-Fit Rider Interview
-Pre-Fit Rider Physical Analysis and Assessment
-Goal Specific FIT
-Utilize 3D X,Y,Z-Plane Image Capture System
-Saddle Sizing Using Ischial Tuberosity Measurement
-Stem Length, Pitch, & Height Adjustment
-Bar Shape, Pitch, & Width Assessment
-Pedal Stroke Analysis
-Knee Tracking Analysis
-Cleat Placement & Float Adjustment
-Proper Support for Foot Structure
-Q-Factor Adjustment
-Electronic Pre/Post FIT Summary (Provided Electronically Via Email)

Retül 3D Aero Fit, $349.95
-Includes Everything from a 3D Fit and:
-Aero Cockpit Setup and Optimization, Including Cable Routing Optimization

Basic 2D Bike Sizing, $99.95
-Saddle Height & Lateral Adjustment
-Stem Length, Pitch, & Height Adjustment
-Bar Angle
-Control Positioning
-Cleat Placement

TT Aero 2D Bike Sizing, $149.95
-Includes a Basic 2D Sizing and:
-Aero Cockpit Setup and Optimization

All Bike Surgeon FITs require advance scheduling, please call or email to set your appointment today 618.622.1693