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Safety Check ASAP $34.95

Assess the safe function of your bicycle, inflate tires, lube chain, check brakes and drivetrain.

Tune-Up ASAP $199.95   Scheduled $119.95

In-depth 58 Point Service and Inspection, wheels trued, gears and brakes set, lubrication, bearing tension set, frame inspected and wiped down, all bolts torque checked.  Set the bike back to its factory recommended settings.

Recondition $249.95

This is a scheduled service that includes: all tune-up service, plus an off bike ultrasonic cleaning of the drivetrain, recondition of the bottom bracket, cable and housing replacement, and bar tape replacement. Return your bike to perfect mechanical condition.

Overhaul $399.95

This is a scheduled service that includes: all recondition services, plus a repack of the headset, a repack of wheel bearings, a complete bike detail and polish.  This is the one if you want it back to new condition.

Our Wrench Staff

Bike Surgeon has one of the most experienced staff of bike mechanics in the Midwest, with four senior technicians (each with 20+ years in the industry) and four additional bike specialists we have the experience and expertise to return your bike to like new mechanical condition.

All scheduled services are completed within 24 hours of drop off; you are not waiting for weeks for us to “get to it” and we are not storing hundreds of bikes here at the shop.  If your bike needs immediate service we can help, please give us a call so we can review the options with you.

Our 24 hour tuneup, a St. Louis market exclusive, is available anytime for customers that need it ASAP.  For all other services we schedule appointments ahead of time, either by phone (618.622.1693), email or in person. For all scheduled appointments we ask for the bike to be dropped off either the evening before the appointment day or the morning of.

Call 618.622.1693 or email for our Repair Concierge who will help you Schedule your service!