Le Tour de Surgéon

allez, Allez, ALLEZ! July 6 – 28

It is time, once again, for the annual Tour de Surgeon (TDS). This 3-week event coincides with the BIG tour, Tour de France. Each day there is a ride stage in the Tour de France, there is a ride stage in the Tour de Surgeon. All of the drama, all of the pageantry, all of the sweat and screaming muscles, except on a slightly smaller scale and A LOT more fun, as you get to ride, not just watch!

While this IS NOT a race, it is a points-based competition. How do you get points you ask? This year there are FIVE (5) ways for you to accumulate points:

1. Sign in and ride, you get the biggest points for participation: 10 points for an official TDS Ride +5 bonus points for Offsite, TTT and Saturday Special Rides. 5 points for a remote TDS ride

2.Apparel – Dress in a previous year Tour de Surgeon jersey or Pro Team jersey (3 points)

3.Social media – Upload your pictures from a stage to Facebook with #tourdesurgeon (3 Point) At the end of the event, the most EPIC picture will be selected for a 25 point bonus.

4.Cannonball Strava segment – Each TDS official ride will have a designated Strava segment – top 3 get bonus points (3 points for 1st, 2 point for 2nd and 1 point for 3rd) **You must participate/ride with the group to earn this bonus. Segments will not be announced/published prior to the beginning of the ride.

5.Team Time Trial (TTT) Points – The Team Time Trial will happen on Sunday July 7th at 5PM from Mills Apple Farm in Marine, Illinois. 20 Points for 1st thru 2 Points for 10th for each member of the three person team.


New for this year we will have four (4) offsite host ride locations throughout the event! These will happen the first Sunday, and each Thursday during TDS.  We are stepping it up and adding to the fun by offering starts and finishes from awesome remote locations throughout our region, adding to the mystique of TDS making it more “Tour-esque” with multiple start locations just like the pros. These four (4) rides will be the only official TDS event that day.


Saturdays we will hold one official TDS ride, everyone participating will ride together, two Saturdays from Edwardsville and two Saturdays from O’Fallon. Check the ride calendar and FaceBook events for specific ride locations!


Happening Sunday July 7th from Mills Apple Farm in Marine IL.  Teams will consist of three riders, pick whoever you like riding with or whoever you think will give you the best chance of winning, if you don’t pick a team, we will help you join up with others day of.  The course is 17.5 miles long with only right turns.  Aero bars, TT bikes, Deep wheels, Flat Bars, Fat Tires, and all other varieties of bikes are legal and encouraged, motorized bikes are not.  To level the playing field, we are also not allowing Garmins, Wahoos, Bike Computers of any type, no phone, no speed/distance tracking devices, no watches, zipp, zero, nada, do this one by dead reckoning or use a sun dial😊.  The TTT is being run as a modified “Bracket Race”; predict your teams time most accurately and you win! We will provide bib numbers for each team at registration and you will provide a team name and your predicted time.  We will score the top ten teams based on the difference of the actual time to the predicted time with the lowest deviation winning.

All rides other than the TTT will be a comfortable B pace and roll Monday – Friday at 6pm; Saturdays at 8am and Sundays at 5pm. If you cannot make the ride, you can ride anywhere remotely! Simply grab a screenshot of your effort from Strava/Garmin/Zwift or your Cycling computer and post the picture to our facebook and use #tourdesurgeon.

The top three point’s earners each week (Sun-Sat) get in on some cool prizes, $30, $20 and $10 in shop credit respectively. The Overall top three point holders at the end of the Tour de Surgéon will WIN a 2019 version of the limited release Tour de Surgéon jersey FREE. The rest of the top ten can grab one of these jerseys at 50% off and anyone with at least 10 points can grab a jersey at 25% off. These jerseys will be available to all Tour de Surgéon riders exclusively for their first three weeks of availability.

We’ve upped the game yet again! Big groups on Saturday, offsite host locations and bigger rewards for all Tour de Surgéon riders this year.  Not only is TDS the most fun you can have on your bike during the month of July you can also earn big money for riding your bike (almost $1K if you get every point)! For every point you earn in this year’s Tour, you will earn $2 towards the purchase of a new carbon road bike for yourself in August 2019. Crunch those numbers: 10 points for showing up to each stage; 5 point bonus for the special stages; 3 point for wearing a tour or pro team jersey; 3 point for uploading your pictures to social and a potential 3 bonus points for Strava segments….that’s $48 for one night of riding! Multiply that out over the course of 3 weeks, and you can accumulate some serious cash toward a new ride!